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The Mayor Of This Beautiful Italian Town Wants To Give You $3000 To Move There

The Mayor Of This Beautiful Italian Town Wants To Give You $3000 To Move There

An overworked inner city dweller uproots his or her life in search of greener, fresher pastures, finding a sense of inner peace and happiness that they couldn’t find in their busy city life. It’s the subject of countless movies and TV shows. Now, the Mayor of a picturesque Italian town wants to pay you to do it IRL.

In a move that we can only imagine will spawn another one million screen adaptations, Bormida, Italy is begging for people to come and live in its quaint town. So much so, that the Mayor wants to pay 2000 euros, or $3000AUD, to lure people in.

Still not convinced? Rent is being lowered to $75-$175AUD a month, which makes us seriously rethink just how outrageous Australian rental prices are, right?

You can find Bormida in Italy’s northern region, Liguria. It has a current population of 394 people, has four restaurants, a library, a pharmacy and a post office to keep you occupied by way of “things” to do. The nearest town is Genoa which is almost 80 kilometres away, so you might have to amuse yourself by gazing at the beautiful countryside and breathing in the lovely fresh air.

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Don’t get too excited yet: the plans to pay new town inhabitants haven’t yet been approved by Bormida’s board, but the extremely cheap rent has. And should be kicking in within two months. So even if you don’t get a $3000AUD bonus, you’ll be saving that much in no time.

Television people: write this story please.

(Lead image: interrailturkiye/Instagram)

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