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Naples’ Favourite Pizza Shop Has Opened Up A Branch In New York City

Naples’ Favourite Pizza Shop Has Opened Up A Branch In New York City

City rivalries are great at keeping us on our toes. And none is more storied or delicious than the one between New York, Naples and their beloved slice of pizza. Of course, we all know that both cities do a unique style of pizza exceptionally well. But there’s only one pizza place that does a fried pizza, and they’ve always lived in Naples. Until now.

Zia Esterina Sorbillo is a famous pizza fritta (fried pizza) restaurant that started up in Naples and has since expanded to seven locations across Italy. Now, the restaurant has set up shop in New York’s Little Italy district.

zia esterina
Photo: Zia Esterina Sorbillo/Facebook

If you’ve never tried Zia Esterina’s famous pizza fritta, it consists of fried, flakey pizza dough with a margherita topping folded over to resemble something like a calzone. It looks mindblowingly good.

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The owner of the franchise, Gino Sobrillo, is responsible for all this goodness. He is a popular TV chef and one of the world’s most famous pizzaiolos. Eater reports that he’s even set to open another restaurant, Sorbillo Pizzeria, in the city sometime soon.

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So does this mean the score between New York and Naples is settled? Guess we’ll just have to keep eating pizza in both places to find out.

(Lead image: Gino Sorbillo Pizzeria/Facebook)

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