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Keep Your Good Boy Looking Sharp With The Iconic’s New Pet Fashion Line

Keep Your Good Boy Looking Sharp With The Iconic’s New Pet Fashion Line

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As the world falls to pieces, at least you’ve got a loyal good boy. Whether you roll with a handbag-sized puppy or a king of the dog park, you want your buddy looking their best. Well, online fashion hub The Iconic is right there with you.

That’s right: The Iconic has launched a new pet accessory line with “the latest in pooch fashion”. (For now, the selection is definitely dog-centric, so our condolences to all the other fashion-deprived pets out there.)

The site has assembled an all-star team of designers. Scrolling the ‘Pet-Friendly Edit’, you’ll find such names as Paul Smith, R.M. Williams, Filson, Driza Bone, Sebastian Says and PetHaus.

The range includes designer dog coats, collars, pet harnesses and leads – most of them pretty glam. Highlights include a denim dog vest from PetHaus, a fashion-forward Paul Smith leash and Filson leather dog collar (for the dog, not you.)

The PetHaus denim dog vest.

With summer fading and winter ahead, maybe you’re in the market for an $80 fringe wool sweater from ‘bohemian dog outfitters’ Sebastian Says. Or keep your pal well protected from inclement weather with a dog-sized Driza-Bone for $120.

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Check out the new pet fashion range now on The Iconic. The company is promising “extended line assortments and exciting brand additions” to come in 2020.

(Lead Image: The Iconic / Supplied)

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