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You Can Now Bathe In A Pool Of Maple Syrup, Because Why Not?

You Can Now Bathe In A Pool Of Maple Syrup, Because Why Not?

Japan is a country very good at taking wild ideas and turning them into a reality. We’ve spoken before about the mayonnaise restaurants, Kit Kat sushi, Nintendo theme parks and hot tubs full of sake. Now, how about a hot tub full of maple syrup?

Yes, in another weird and wonderful move by the excellent country of Japan, you can actually soak in a bath full of maple syrup and vanilla scented water. Sounds sticky and relaxing all once.

maple syrup 2

Where can you find such a thing? Said maple syrup bath is located at the same place you can take the very cool sake bath – the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa in the Kanagawa Prefecture. While the benefits of taking a sake bath include brightening, softening and smoothing the skin, the maple syrup bath is more about a good time. It’s a pop up of sorts to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of Moringa Hot Cake Mix and as such, will only be open until April 25. We want in.

You can also take a coffee bath. Rejuvenating!

If maple syrup or sake aren’t your thing, you can choose from a bath filled with red wine, coffee, green tea, chocolate or ramen. All very delicious options.

The red wine bath also seems like something your Aunt Deborah would post about on Facebook accompanying a very cheerful caption to celebrate the start of the weekend.

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Your Aunt’s Facebook caption to this photo: ‘TGIF!’

For more details about the maple syrup spa, check out its website.

(All photos: Yunessen Spa)

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