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The Ginger Pride Rally Is Returning To Melbourne in 2017

The Ginger Pride Rally Is Returning To Melbourne in 2017

Taking its cue from the annual red-head celebratory festival in Europe, Melbourne’s second incarnation of the Ginger Pride Rally has been announced. Australia has voted, and the meet-up will once again take place in Melbourne.

A little while ago, we announced that online voting would be taking place for the 2017 location, with possible host cities being our seven capitals; Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. Now, the results from the poll are in and Melbourne has once again proved itself to be the redhead capital of Australia.

The Ginger Pride Rally is hosted by Buderim Ginger and The Ginger Net, and this year’s event is bound to be a red-hot hit with last year’s inaugural event attracting some 1000 gingers, as well as non-redhead friends who were given a free pass for the day compliments of temporary coloured hair spray.

Photo: The Ginger Net/Facebook

There’s some importance to this day beyond just getting all the special redheads in our lives together: the event asks for a gold-coin donation, with profits going to children’s anti-bullying and skin cancer not-for-profits.

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It’s also worth checking out Ginger Net for all your redhead-related needs including events, recipes, styling tips, etymology and history lessons. As the website puts it, “we are the definition of unique, a rare human unicorn, that cannot be tamed… except with the sweet soothing music of Ed Sheeran.”

The sea of red will be taking place at Federation Square on April 29, 2017 from 10:30am. Click here for more info.

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