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The Best City For Expats Is Right Here In Australia

The Best City For Expats Is Right Here In Australia

Thinking about moving overseas? You might want to consider moving interstate instead. A new study has revealed the best places for those people in the world wanting to live and work elsewhere, and an Australian city has taken out the number one spot.

The study, conducted by InterNations, surveyed over 14,000 expats living in over 60 countries across the globe, and asked them to rate their newly-adopted home on criteria including quality of living, ease of settling in, working opportunities, and personal finance. So which city was deemed the best globally for expats?

Why, Melbourne of course! Having scored exceptionally highly within all criteria – especially ease of settling in – Australia’s second most populous city takes the cake. World’s most liveable, indeed! (Oh, and there’s a pretty great coffee there too.) That said, it scored poorly on the ‘cost of living’ index, stating that “you need to have a generous income to truly sample everything that Melbourne has to offer”.

But where should you head if you want to actually move abroad? Apparently, Houston, Texas is having a moment, coming in at second place on the list. It’s apparently a great place to make bank, although the study shows that socialising can be a little rough.

Madrid came in third, ranking highly for all social criteria, quality of life, and opportunities for leisure activities. German cities Düsseldorf and Munich, as well as Austrian capital Vienna all placed in the top ten as well, with the latter smashing the Quality of Life Index in all of its five subcategories — leisure options, personal happiness, travel & transport, health & wellbeing, and safety & security.

Australia’s largest city Sydney shouldn’t feel too left out, though; it came in at number eight on the list.

Photo: Expat Insider/InterNations

Back to Melbourne, though: if you’re a local, it’s clearly time to explore more. If you’re not, it’s time to visit and see what the fuss is about.

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The best global cities for expats are: 

#1 Melbourne, Australia
#2 Houston, USA
#3 Madrid, Spain
#4 Düsseldorf, Germany
#5 Singapore
#6 Vienna, Austria
#7 Munich, Germany
#8 Sydney, Australia
#9 Mexico City, Mexico
#10 Toronto, Canada


(Lead image: Josie Withers Photography/Visions of Victoria)

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