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The 5 Funnest Cities In The USA, According To Alpine

The 5 Funnest Cities In The USA, According To Alpine

Seasoned travellers Alpine are currently gearing up for a tour around the country in support of their second album Yuck, which comes out this Friday June 12. The Melbourne six-piece have spent the past few years touring around the globe too, with an extensive tour of the US under their belts supporting Grouplove. While they get ready for an 11-date tour of Australia, we got them to reminisce about their time in ‘Murica and pick their favourite cities to visit and why. Here are their responses. 

#1 Austin

Chosen by: Phoebe

I choose Austin for it’s glorious music scene, scrumptious ice cream, Mexican cuisine scene, wonderfully friendly people and architectural delights. I would live there in a jiffy. Here is me on South Congress during SXSW finding utopia.

(Photo: Phoebe Baker)

#2 New Orleans

Chosen by: Ryan

In New Orleans you can buy a beer in a bar, then leave and walk the streets with it. It’s the closest I’ve ever felt to absolute power. Also – jazz, parades, swamps. Best place ever.

#3 Seattle

Chosen by: Timmy & Christian

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Timmy: I love Seattle. I had a perfect hash brown there once. And oh yeah, we played The Crocodile some years after Nirvana did.

Christian: My favourite city is Seattle! Feels like Twin Peaks driving through Washington. I also love that we got to play the Crocodile! You know, like Nirvana did. Amazing.

#4 Los Angeles

Chosen by: Lou

(Photo: Lou James)

I spent a lot of time in LA before and after we were touring in the States. It’s overwhelming how big it is but if you find the right little nooks, it’s pretty incredible. Silver Lake and Echo Park are my favourite spots. Lush with beautiful parks and lakes, comforting with sunshine around every corner, it has a real sense of sense of community and art. My favourite food spot was Speranza – such delicious Italian food. Bring your dog, sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere.

#5 New York City

Chosen by: Phil

(Photo: Phil Tucker)

I just love, love, love New York City. I mean, who wouldn’t? I love hanging out it diners drinking bottomless cups of hot coffee. I take my coffee black. As black as midnight on a moonless night. Champs Vegan Diner in Green Point is particularly amazing.

Alpine release their second album Yuck on Friday June 12 (pre-order here) with a nationwide tour for single ‘Foolish’ soon after. For more details click here.

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