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Taronga Zoo Has Welcomed Three Adorable Tiger Cubs

Taronga Zoo Has Welcomed Three Adorable Tiger Cubs

taronga zoo tiger cubs

At AWOL we’ve just sufficiently recovered from weeping with joy to bring you this good news from Taronga Zoo in Sydney. The famous zoo overlooking Sydney Harbour has just welcomed three teeny tiny Sumatran tiger cubs.

You can see footage of the Taronga zoo tiger cubs – two girls and a boy – in their first days of life below. Go on, we’ll wait.


The Taronga Zoo tiger cubs’ mother, Kartika, delivered her bubs on Thursday 17 January. The Sumatran tiger is incredible rare and rated “Critically Endangered” by the WWF, with fewer than 400 of them thought to exist in the wild. Since the inception of the Taronga Zoo tiger conservation program in October 1980, there have been 21 births of Sumatran tiger cubs, including Kartika, who was born in 2011.

In a statement, the zoo announced, “Keepers expect that over the next four to six weeks, the cubs will find their feet, groom and play more with each other, and clamber out the nest, when Kartika will have a hard time keeping them under control.”


The zoo will soon name the cubs, who first opened their eyes on January 29, and will keep them in isolation for over a month. Their first public appearance is expected to occur in late March. Until then visitors to Taronga Zoo can see the tiger cubs on CCTV footage.

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The cubs, yet to be named, are expected to make their first appearance in late March, however you can view them via CCTV footage at Taronga Zoo Sydney.

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(Lead image: Tiger cub at a zoo in Frankfurt, Tambako the Jaguar / Flickr)

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