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Hotels Reveal The Weirdest Items That Guests Have Stolen From Rooms

Hotels Reveal The Weirdest Items That Guests Have Stolen From Rooms

These Are The Weirdest Things Guests Steal Or Take From Hotels

You’re lying if you say you’ve never taken anything from a hotel room. Most of us are content with procuring a few little soaps, but some people go big when they go home.

A study by Wellness Heaven just revealed the weirdest items that have been stolen from hotel rooms, including mattresses, bathroom sinks, coffee makers and even, somehow, a grand piano.


According to the study, almost 5 percent of the 1157 hotels that were surveyed have had mattresses mysteriously go missing. It’s hard to imagine that kind of thing going unnoticed, but many hoteliers reported that guests wait until the middle of the night before using elevators that lead directly to underground parking.

Turns out lots of things go missing from hotel bathrooms, from little shampoos to a high-end rain shower head and a hydromassage shower (okay, we kinda get this one). But guests also steal drainpipes, entire sinks and even toilet seats. Mates, simply go to Bunnings.

A hotel in England had the room numbers stolen from the door: “We didn’t notice until the next guest could not find his room,” the hotel director told Wellness Heaven.

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Sometimes, hotels catch thieves in the act. One guest was caught trying to smuggle a stuffed boar’s head out of a hotel in France.

But perhaps the weirdest thing that’s been stolen from a hotel is a grand piano, famously the largest kind of piano. “Once I walked through the lobby, I noticed that something was missing, and soon after I learned that three unknown men in overalls had taken away the grand piano, and it never reappeared, of course,” said the owner of a hotel in Italy.

I’ll stick to my mini shampoos… unless the hotel doesn’t have a proper toilet door, and then it’s game on.

(Lead image: Andrea Davis / Unsplash)

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