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Holy Hell, This Library Is Amazing

Holy Hell, This Library Is Amazing

Between the stacks of books, reading nooks and the feeling of calm that comes from being inside one, libraries are great – and we just found one that’s worth an international trip.

Have you ever seen a reading room like this before?


This library in Songjiang, China, has a display room with black mirrored flooring, an oval reading room with stepped shelving and a children’s room complete with a merry-go-round.


Often called the country’s most beautiful bookstore, Zhongshuge Books is located in a British-style village called Thames Town with cobbled streets, Victorian terraces, corner shops and red telephone booths.


Architecture firm XL-MUSE created the space, providing a number of different environments for reading and shopping. The entire interior of the building appears to look like one endless cave system, with row upon row of books. This is done through the strategic placement of mirrors, which seem to extend the interior space in all directions.


You know when you say you get “lost” in a particular book? Well…

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The children’s area is by far the coolest room; it’s comes complete with mock train-track seating and a merry-go-round bookshelf.


I think we found book heaven.

(Lead image by Shao Feng, all other images XL-MUSE)

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