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Sydney’s Favourite New Burger Joint Has Opened A CBD Branch

Sydney’s Favourite New Burger Joint Has Opened A CBD Branch

There’s a reason Mary’s bar is Newtown is a “must try” – sure there’s the on-point dark-cornered chilled vibe, killer cocktails and crispy-exterior moist-interior buttermilk fried chicken, but we’re really here for the burgers, right? The super soft glazed buns, top quality mixed cuts of pasture fed beef and near to liquified cheese have inspired much “is this the best burger In Sydney?” musing.

Today their empire expands. Mary’s have opened a takeaway-only burger shop in a new city location. They’ll be serving their celebrated cheeseburger, a fried chicken thigh burger, a vego-happy mushroom burger and a mix of thickshakes. There will also be a salty and sweet breakfast sandwich bursting with bacon, a hash brown, sausage, HP sauce and maple syrup.

(Photo: marysnewtown/Instagram)

The city location will be a different beast to the original Mary’s, with no booze on the menu, but still expect plenty of personality from the two-level takeaway joint. The counter downstairs is where you buy your burger. Upstairs will function as a beef patty preparation zone servicing both spots.

Mary’s CBD opens today at 154 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. Opening hours are 10am ’til 10pm daily. 


(Lead image: Insatiable Munchies/Flickr)

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