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Drink Cocktails In The Upside Down At Sydney’s ‘Stranger Things’-Themed Bar

Drink Cocktails In The Upside Down At Sydney’s ‘Stranger Things’-Themed Bar

Over its three seasons (so far), Stranger Things has been a very good hangover show. It’s bright, bingeable and just far enough removed from reality to ease your aching head.

Now, thanks to a new pop-up concept coming to Sydney, you can also go out drinking in Hawkins.

The Stranger Things-themed Upside Down Bar is set to land at a secret Sydney location on Sunday, June 7.

The venue will be fully decked out to immerse you in the world of the nostalgia-drenched series.

Stranger Things
Eggos, anyone?

That includes a replica of the creepy-but-comfy Byers family living room, complete with season one’s fairy lights. You’ll also soak up the ’80s milieu with classic arcade games and DJs playing hits of the era.

But this isn’t your regular bar. Visitors will be tasked with a “dark and dangerous mission” to earn your thirst. (We’re hoping for walkie talkies.)

You can also expect drinks riffing on Stranger Things staples like Eleven’s beloved Eggos and the villainous Demogorgon.

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Stranger Things
The Upside Down Bar.

You can pre-register here for tickets. The Upside Down Bar is 18-plus, which would exclude several of the show’s teenage stars.

In related news, Melbourne will soon get a dedicated Stranger Things-inspired escape room. It’s set to open at Rush Escape Game in Hawthorn, which is also home to a grisly Saw spin-off.

(Lead Image: Upside Down Bar) 

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