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This Museum Photographer Has The World’s Best Timing

This Museum Photographer Has The World’s Best Timing

At a museum, the focus is usually the art, right?

Well, one photographer with a fascination for people watching thinks otherwise, shifting his lens towards museum-goers who have inspired his project, People Matching Artworks.

Stefan Draschan is incredibly patient, often waiting a long time to snap onlookers who match up with what they’re viewing.

“It happened by chance,” Draschan told AWOL. “I love to observe things and if I see a pattern in human behaviour, I see the possibility that it is common and can become a series.”

Draschan says he finds it difficult to plan his series because the opportunity pops up at the most unexpected moments, though he says he would love to find a match for a Felix Vallotton painting.

“I like a lot of artwork and artists,” says Draschan. His interests range from Phidias and Hannah Höch, to Piero della Francesca.

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You can see Draschan’s full catalogue at his website.

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(All Images courtesy of Stefan Draschan)

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