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Hawaii’s Most Popular Airbnb Is A Dreamy Bamboo Treehouse

Hawaii’s Most Popular Airbnb Is A Dreamy Bamboo Treehouse

From Barbie’s Dream House to the Sydney Opera House, Airbnb allows you to stay, well, pretty much anywhere. But, surprisingly, you won’t find Hawaii’s most popular listing along its iconic shoreline.

Nope — it’s nestled in the wild Fern Forest on Hawaii’s Big Island, on the outskirts of the tropical jungle.

The tree house is perched atop 4.5-metre stilts, and features expansive windows, boasting a full 360-degree view of the jungle and streams of natural light.


Both the lodge’s façade and interior are a tribute to their surround, with bamboo walls and matching bamboo and jungle-inspired décor.

It’s the perfect balance of seclusion and luxury, enjoying the experience of true off-grid living without having to compromise any of the comforts of home. Natural lighting, solar power and rainwater catchment have been integrated into the treetop design, making it totally self-sufficient.

Possibly the greatest feature of the luxe jungle hideaway is the huge bed suspended from the deck – the perfect spot for a little kip in the sun.

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Rates start at $260 per night. For more information or to book, check out the listing.

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