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Here’s How You Can Land A Dream Job As ‘Fur Butler’ For This Hotel’s Magnificent Resident Dog

Here’s How You Can Land A Dream Job As ‘Fur Butler’ For This Hotel’s Magnificent Resident Dog

St. Regis Aspen Is Hiring A Fur Butler To Look After Its Resident Dog

Remember when we found out the St. Regis Aspen had a live-in Bernese mountain dog named Kitty? That was a great day. But today might be even better, because now the hotel is hiring a full-time ‘Fur Butler’ to take care of Kitty.


The Fur Butler will be responsible for looking after Kitty every single blessed day, managing his schedule, and running the resort’s Pet Program. Please apologise to your boss on my behalf, because this kind of news can have a dog-lover handing in their resignation and jetting off to Aspen, Colorado to live their absolute best life.


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And while this is definitely a dream job, it’ll also require some legit hard work. The successful applicant will have their hands full managing Kitty’s daily schedule of walks with guests, airport greetings, play dates, tours and room deliveries.


The Fur Butler will also run Kitty’s Instagram account, coordinate the resort’s monthly Bark’n’Brews social event and help take care of any animals staying in the resort as guests.

“The anticipatory, personalised service of the St Regis Butler ensures that each guest’s unique preferences are understood and realised – now for our four-legged friends, too,” the St. Regis Aspen said on the Fur Butler job listing.

The successful applicant will have a deep passion for animals, customer service, photography and social media. They’ll be able to anticipate the needs of guests (humans and four-legged furry ones) and have impeccable interpersonal skills.


To apply, post a video or photo to Facebook or Instagram with a little spiel about why Kitty should hire you, and make sure you use the tag #kittysfurbutler. Then send in your resume and keep your fingers crossed! You can see the full Fur Butler job listing here, as well as how to apply.

(Lead image: The St. Regis Aspen Resort)

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