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Strangers Reveal The Craziest Night They’ve Had While Travelling Overseas

Strangers Reveal The Craziest Night They’ve Had While Travelling Overseas

We don’t care who you ask, life’s greatest stories come from travelling, and it’s a known fact that nobody tells a story like the beautifully bizarre people of Reddit.


From drunken escapades to truly bizarre encounters and even a love story, here are some of the craziest nights travellers of Reddit have experienced.

Not a bad venue for kick-ons

“I was drinking with some new found friends at the Yellow Hostel in Rome when we got kicked out at around 2am. Not being ready to call it a night, we decided we’d go out and look for another place to drink (we didn’t find any).

“Somehow we ended up hanging out outside the Colosseum until around 5am, totally by ourselves.” — thesconezone

Always check your hostel’s sword policy

“At a hostel in Amsterdam, we stayed in a room for eight. We ended up being quite chummy with the other two couples in there, and had fun sharing stories for a while one night.

“As we were chatting and getting ready for bed, a guy came in to take one of the other beds remaining, sat down, and PULLED OUT A GIANT SWORD.

“He just sat down on the cot, took it out, laid it on his lap, and sat there silently. We also went silent for a second because we didn’t know if he was serious. We tried to say hi and be friendly. He ignored us, and just sat there with his sword.

“We were all tired but were sort of eyeing each other like we didn’t want to sleep. The guy just put his sword beside him on the bed and went to sleep. The next morning we asked the desk about their sword policy. They allow them.” — Vedmedyk

You had us at “sexy cow”

“Morocco was lit-as-hell.

“I was thinking it’d be a bit tame considering the culture there, but we go to this nightclub and it’s pretty standard at first — but not more than 10 minutes in it flipped a full 180.

“There were crazy-costumed stilt walkers, strobe lights, streamers, lasers, Dom Perignon was getting sprayed, booty dancers were swinging from the rafters, there was a guy dressed as a sexy cow juggling shovels. It was an honest to god fever dream.” — Atlas Seawolf

Don’t mix drinks, you guys

I was riding a train to go to the eastern coast of Taiwan to my next host when I met a bunch of Taiwanese lifelong military members who gave me beers and tried to talk to me in Chinese and very broken English.

“After a few beers I was pretty drunk and they started telling me that I should get off at their stop instead of mine. I agreed to, and I found myself at a shrimp fishing house with Jaeger and more beers.

“I blacked out and woke up the next day because one of the Taiwanese guys’ daughter was taking a picture of me passed out on her living room couch. The guy then took me to a waterfall and we went skinny dipping then he took me to the train station so I could meet up with my next host.

“It was great though!” — bean9045

When in Brazil  

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“Seeing Chile beat Spain 2-0 at the legendary Maracana Stadium in Rio during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, then going out on an all night bender with Chilean fans along Copacabana Beach. So amazing as a football fan!” — lowrider88

Maybe love’s not dead after all

“I had an amazing night with a girl in Prague.

“I met her in the hostel around ten at night, we talked for four hours just sitting there then decided to go for a walk. Went up on a hill nearby with a creepy statue on it and talked some more.

“Then, we went and sat down on one side of the statue, kept getting closer together, stood up to move to the other side of the statue she put her arm against mine. She eventually rested her head on my shoulder, then we kissed as the sun was coming up.

“We spent all day together until she had to leave, didn’t fall asleep until she had to go in the afternoon. Such a Before Sunrise like experience. — Deleted User

This user’s definition of “crazy night” is alarming, but each to their own

“After having spent about three weeks walking from Milan to Rome, I stumbled into a proper hotel room, brushed my teeth and went to bed. Slept 12 hours straight in soft, delightful comfort.” — uspn

*Responses have been edited for style and clarity.

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