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This Fascinating Map Shows How Fast You Can Drive In Every Country

This Fascinating Map Shows How Fast You Can Drive In Every Country

map showing speed limits by country

Australia is a big country, and driving around it can take a long time. Maybe that’s why the speed limit in the Northern Territory is one of only few places around the world with a max speed limit of 130km per hour. This map of the world’s speed limits by country gives a fascinating look into the road rules of every country in the world.


See the map of speed limits by country below, or see the original here.

speed limit by country map

Which country has the highest speed limits?

Germany is the only country in the world which has a no-limit policy. With its famous autobahns, there is no official maximum speed vehicles may drive, however a max speed of 130km per hour is advisable. The Isle of Man, which is a self-governing British dependancy, has no official speed limit on the island, however there is an enforceable limit of 30 miles per hour within towns.

What’s the speed limit in Australia?

Australia’s max speed limit differs according to state and territory law, however all states and territories conform to a highest maximum speed limit of 110km per hour. The Northern Territory is the only exception, having a highest maximum speed limit of 130km per hour.


Australia’s external territories have even lower highest maximum speed limits: Christmas Island caps out at 90km per hour while Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Norfolk Island have an upper limit of 50km per hour. Lord Howe Island only allows a highest maximum speed of 25km per hour.

What’s the speed limit in the United States?

speed limit in the united states

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The speed limit in the United States is also set state by state. Most of the east and west coast of the United States, including the states of New York, Florida, California and Washington, has a speed limit of 65 miles (105km) or 70 miles (110km) per hour. Inland states such as Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma and Nebraska variably have speed limits of 75 miles (120km) or 80 miles (130km) per hour. The outlier is Texas, which is the only state with a limit of 85 miles (140km) per hour.


If you’re planning a road trip anywhere in the world, it’s best to research your destination before you leave so you know the road rules before arriving. Check out this unusual east-coast Australian road trip, or our guide to taking your dream USA road trip on a budget.

(Speed limit map created by Wikimedia Commons user Amateria1121 and the original file and license can be found here.)

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