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Someone Has Invented Creme Egg Pizza And Cronuts Too

Someone Has Invented Creme Egg Pizza And Cronuts Too

We whet your appetite by telling you about the extremely innovative fried creme egg. Now, with news that there’s pizza and cronut versions too, there’s no stopping creme egg creations from taking over the season.

Easter. What a time. There’s no amount of chocolate or hot cross buns consumed that’s deemed too decadent, no variation on our favourite seasonal treats that is too wild. This is precisely why the creme egg pizza and his friend, the creme egg cronut, have been brought into our lives.

Photo: Deliveroo

Named the Fior-egg-tina, after the traditional Fiorentina pizza of mozzarella, basil, tomato and egg, the creme egg pizza is made up of a strawberry spread base, marscapone cheese, mint leaves and cracked creme eggs on top. The pizza is a creation of Crust Bros and can be delivered throughout London exclusively via Deliveroo.

The creme egg cronut? You can find that in store, at London’s Rinkoff Bakery. The famous treat has actually been around at Easter for a few years now, with fondant icing spread over and in between the layers of Rinkoff’s famous “crodoughs”. We can see why it keeps coming back.

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Photo: Rinkoffs Bakery/Facebook

It certainly looks like the UK is leading in the creme egg creations. Is it too much to ask for Australia to hurry and catch up? Easter is nearly upon us, people! You’ve got work to do!

(Lead image: Deliveroo)

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