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Someone Built The Transparent Mountaintop Cabin You’ve Always Wanted

Someone Built The Transparent Mountaintop Cabin You’ve Always Wanted

Sitting at an impressive altitude of 2054 metres, the Starlight Room near Cortina in Italy is a room with one hell of a good view.


Found just beyond the northern town of Cortina D’Ampezzo, the Starlight Room combines all your favourite things in one place – a cosy bed, big floor to ceiling windows, close proximity to nature and an absolute beauty of a view. That sight out your window there? Oh, it’s just the Dolomites, Italy’s most famous (and arguably, most handsome) mountain range.

Getting to this unique spot can be a little tricky; the cosy cabin can only be reached by snowmobile, flat bike or snow shoes, if you’re brave. All part of its charm, I guess!


This cosy wooden abode features a glass ceiling and walls that offer you an unobstructed view of your surrounds, right from the comfort of your snug double bed. There’s a TV and DVD player in there too, but like you’ll want to look at anything but the snowcapped mountains reaching to the sky.

Watch as the day turns to night and again as the early morning sun peaks its head over the world-famous Dolomite peaks around you.


If you look closely, you’ll see this cosy abode is actually sitting on its own set of skis, which means you can easily adjust its position to get the best angle for stargazing. Smart thinking, right there.


A night at the Starlight Room will set you back 300 Euro (or $441AUD) and includes not just the room, but meals too.

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Dinner includes pasta with zucchini pesto, artichoke ravioli and pork fillet rolled in speck with pont-neuf potatoes and grilled vegetables. Dessert is a chocolate cupcake with a melted heart with vanilla sauce – adorable! There’s even an array of chocolates and flavoured grappas on offer inside your cabin for a little late night snacking.


Just perfect.

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