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Tasmania Smells So Good That They’re Bottling & Selling It

Tasmania Smells So Good That They’re Bottling & Selling It

Ah, Tasmania. Our new go-to destination for all things wild, weird, tasty and cool. For those of us have been lucky enough to step foot (or live!) on our neighbouring island state, you’ll know there’s surely nothing like what Tassie has going on. Sometimes you just wish you could bottle it all up and take it home with you. Ah… well, you can actually do that now – give it up for the smartest idea since sliced bread, The Sensory.

Located in Richmond, about 25 minutes north of Hobart, The Sensory specialises in capturing the illusive scents of Tasmania in a unique retail experience. You’ll be able to surround yourself with the scents of Tassie’s southwest wilderness without even having to leave the shop. But how exactly does it work? Visitors will have access to the stores’ unique smell-domes, which are kind of like oversized perspex helmets that are lowered down over your head. Once in the dome you’ll quickly be overcome with the sounds and scents of Tasmania, whether that be the ancient rainforests or the leatherwood flowers, which produce Tassie’s unique honey.


Working alongside a scent scientist and an international scent company, the shop aims to allow guests a fully sensory experience, from sights and sounds to touch and taste. Alongside the smell-domes you’ll even be able to buy a number of local timber products, chocolates, toys, stationary and signature honey which makes it pretty easy to take a little bit of Tassie home with you. They’ll fit right in next to your photos from Bruny Island and the Overland Track, for sure. There’s even a bunch of Bridestowe Lavender products on display, including some extra tasty lavender ice cream to purchase. Yum.

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Possibly the strangest scent on display at The Sensory is scent of the mysterious Tasmanian Devil. Available to experience using the shop’s devil smell-dome, you’ll experience the aroma and sounds of Tassie’s most famous endangered species. It’s a little off kilter, for sure, but you’re a little curious, right?

It’ll have your senses working overdrive in no time.

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Check it out for yourself – fly to Hobart with Qantas. 

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