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Sydney’s New Break Room Lets You Unleash Your Inner Demon By Smashing And Splashing Things

Sydney’s New Break Room Lets You Unleash Your Inner Demon By Smashing And Splashing Things

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Melbourne’s first break room Smash Splash is launching in Sydney’s Gladesville, opening from Friday, May 28 with a few fun additions to the usual break room concept.

Rage rooms, anger rooms, smash rooms, break rooms – whatever you call them, they’re a place to blow off steam by grabbing a baseball bat and smashing the crap out of inanimate objects. And after the year we’ve all had etc etc, using safe violence as a form of catharsis and stress relief is an ideal activity to partake in.

Sydney‘s had break rooms before, but the first (Smash Brothers) closed down, leaving the only rage room in NSW located in Wollongong. Frustrated and strung-out Sydneysiders haven’t had a local place to obliterate white goods and old tech with their bare hands for years, so news that Melbourne‘s first smash room Smash Splash is opening a location in Gladesville from this Friday is brilliant news.

The main event is the break/smash room. You can choose your weapon of choice, such as a baseball bat, sledgehammer or golf club and then go to town either solo, in a duo or as a crew. If you’re feeling particularly feisty, you can also pay to add on extra items to smash.

But Smash Splash has a few additional concepts that expand on traditional smash rooms. The ‘splash’ element is an alternative for those not super keen on violence, while still letting you feel a little badass – you can completely deface a room with paint, paint balloons and other tools, going nuts with your mates to your favourite tunes. There’s also something called the crash room, “think ball pit, sumo suits and three goals to win the game.”

Smash Splash also have bespoke mood lighting. so you can change the colour of the room depending on your vibe. Feeling murdery? Flick those lights to red, amigo.

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Tiktokers @nickandhelmi went along to test it out before opening:

Smash Splash provides catering for groups such as BBQs, pizzas, grazing tables, sandwiches or you can even bring in your own setup. We’re imagining this one will be popular with birthdays and corporate team building as a pretty fun and memorable day out.

But it didn’t start that way. Smash Splash was conceived after founder Danny Mohamed attended a break room solo, looking for a healthy outlet during a particularly dark and stressful time in his life. He was surprised to realise not only did he no longer feel pain, grief and worry, he felt euphoric and light. Danny wanted to create a space where other people can experience that tension release and move those heavy energies out of their body.

Sydney bookings are now open with the location launching May 28. Smashing prices start from 15 minutes for one person for $50, and splashing starts at $100 for two people for 30 minutes.

Head to Smash Splash for more info.

(Lead image: Facebook / Smash Splash)

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