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The World’s Most Daring New Digs Are The Middle Of A Glacier

The World’s Most Daring New Digs Are The Middle Of A Glacier

Most people consider glaciers to be all sub-zero temperatures, treacherous climbs and inhospitable conditions. But the Sheldon Chalet, Alaska’s newest luxury hotel, is here to prove that’s not the case.

Those visiting Alaska’s Denali National Park won’t need to rough it when the new hotel opens in February. Nope, guests can enjoy a glacial backyard without sacrificing comforts like champagne, luxe bedding and a concierge.

Sheldon Chalet

The Sheldon Chalet has five guest rooms, each looking out onto a different vista of the Don Sheldon Amphitheater. The rooms feature sumptuous linens draped with faux furs, meaning visitors will sleep soundly and in absolute comfort.

On a clear winter’s night, the observation deck is the best place to watch the Northern Lights dance by while sipping champagne. Or, if you’re up for a bit of adventure, staff can organise skiing, snowboarding or show-shoeing expeditions on the Ruth Glacier.

Best of all, the chalet’s all-inclusive rates cover accommodation, food, drinks, sauna access and a “flightseeing” tour in transit to and from the hotel. They also offer a fully customisable experience, allowing you to plan your getaway down to the last detail.

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With food included in the package, expect a lot of authentic Alaskan dishes — lots and lots of sea food.

Rates start at $2900 per person, per night and doors open next month.

(All images: Sheldon Chalet)

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