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Aussies Have Somehow Squeezed Into This Year’s World’s Top 10 Sexiest Accents

Aussies Have Somehow Squeezed Into This Year’s World’s Top 10 Sexiest Accents

If you’ve never experienced the joys of being single and having an accent in a foreign country — dump your lover and head overseas just as soon as the pandemic ends. Trust me, you suddenly become about 60 percent more attractive and unique. It’s just science, probably.

Anyway, despite all accents having the undeniable pull of being different, some are still hotter than others. It’s also science.

To make it official, Global training provider took a survey of 2,500 single people, to find out which accents really get the heart racing. Interestingly, there was a bit of a difference of opinion between the men and women surveyed.

The Scottish accent was a clear winner for the ladies with 86 percent of votes, with Irish coming in a close second with 77 percent.

Then we have 68 percent for Italian, 61 percent for French, and Spanish finishing up the top five with 56 percent.

Weirdly, only 29 percent of men found a woman with a Scottish accent sexy. Instead, 88 percent of the men folk couldn’t resist the lures of a Spanish accent. Which I can’t blame them for.

They did, however rank Brazilian Portuguese in second with a score of 76 percent, and (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) the Australian accent earned third place with 72 percent — which is huge news for me, personally.

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Here’s the full top 10 lists for your perusal. Also, I know what you’re thinking and yes, this does appear to be a very heteronormative survey and they specifically say “Scottish accent on a man”, “Spanish accent on a woman”. Who knows if the results would be the same otherwise.

Top 10 sexiest accents to women

  1. Scottish 86%
  2. Irish 77%
  3. Italian 68%
  4. French 61%
  5. Spanish 56%
  6. Brazilian Portuguese 48%
  7. Queen’s English 47%
  8. Australian 35%
  9. South African 29%
  10. Mexican 23%

Top 10 sexiest accents to men

  1. Spanish 88%
  2. Brazilian Portuguese 76%
  3. Australian 72%
  4. French 69%
  5. American 62%
  6. Kiwi 54%
  7. Czech 47%
  8. Italian 43%
  9. Mexican 31%
  10. Scottish 29%

Anyway, congrats Scottish men and Spanish women — and me.

(Lead Image: Kath & Kim)

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