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Welcome To The World’s Most Terrifying Pool

Welcome To The World’s Most Terrifying Pool

Recently, it seems like hotels around the world are competing for the title of ‘most epic pool’. From glass-bottomed pools in Dubai to this rooftop beauty in Mexico, the possibilities, it seems, are endless. Now, it looks like we  have a new winner.

The current contender for ‘strangest (and scariest) pool ever’ is located at Hubertus Hotel in Valdaora, Italy. Situated more than 12 metres above the ground this “sky pool” is truly what phobias are made of.


The 82 metre long pool boasts some of the best views in the region of Dolmites. This “Sky Pool” quite literally levitates between two sides of the hotel, and also has a glass bottom to ensure you’re properly scared for your life. The pool gives swimmers the sensation that they’re floating among the clouds, due partly to the height, but also as a result of the frosted glass front and bottom.


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The Hotel Hubertus, which recently underwent a major refurbishment, isn’t short on pools. Those who don’t want to swim over thin air can instead take a dip in their indoor sensory swimming chamber, as well as in their outdoor saltwater pool, which is also decked out with a jacuzzi.


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