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Holy Schnitz, There’s An 8-Course Schnitty Degustation Hitting Sydney

Holy Schnitz, There’s An 8-Course Schnitty Degustation Hitting Sydney

An Eight-Course Schnitzel Degustation Is Coming To Sydney's The Toxeth

Degustation is the careful, appreciative tasting of food. And you know what food I appreciate? Schnitzel. Buckle up, because the legends at The Toxteth in Sydney’s Glebe are putting on a massive schnitzel degustation next month featuring eight (8, eight, EIGHT!) different kinds of schnitty.

The pub is giving the humble chicken schnitzel a glow-up — eight glow-ups, to be precise — and you can eat them all in one sitting while wearing your comfiest, stretchiest pants.


Kicking off with an abalone schnitzel with seaweed and radishes, the degustation serves up crumbed eggplant, dory, turkey, veal and kangaroo. There’s even a wasabi and sesame-crumbed chicken number and a dessert schnitzel.


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Dessert schnitzel. What a world we live in. This one’s crafted by the gods from chocolate mousse, Anzac biscuit crumbs and berries.

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The chicken schnitzel degustation is available for one day only — Saturday, September 14. You can book a table for $50, or add on a bit extra and pay $75 to get matching beers. The brews are from Pirate Life Brewery and have all been specially picked for the occasion.

Check out the full Schnitzel Degustation menu:

  • Abalone schnitzel with seaweed and radishes
  • Eggplant schnitzel, crushed tomato, and mozzarella cheese
  • Dory schnitzel, salted baby capers, fondant potato, and lime mayo
  • Turkey schnitzel with pickled cabbage and apple sauce
  • Veal schnitzel, mushroom and sage butter, and mash potato
  • Wasabi and sesame crumbed chicken schnitzel with steamed rice
  • Kangaroo schnitzel, bush tomato compote and lemon myrtle
  • Dessert schnitzel, chocolate mousse, Anzac biscuit crumbs, and berries

It’s in celebration of World Schnitzel Day, and we can only hope that more restaurants take a crumbed leaf out of The Toxeth’s book.

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(Lead image: Toxeth Hotel / Facebook)

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