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Melbourne Has A New Saw-Inspired Escape Room For All You Sickos

Melbourne Has A New Saw-Inspired Escape Room For All You Sickos

So, you want a relaxing weekend with friends? You could do the pub again, but that’s a bit obvious. What about – and hear me out here – a grim and grisly escape room inspired by the Saw horror movie franchise?

If you live in Melbourne, or will travel for thrills, you can experience just that.

Melbourne’s high-concept escape room specialists Rush Escape Game have launched the new Hacksaw room – strictly for players over the age of 18.

Hacksaw takes you right into the twisted world of Saw – without, you know, the actual fear of murder. (Not for nothing, its arrival coincides nicely with the trailer drop for Chris Rock’s Saw spin-off.)

You start the game chained up in Jigsaw’s torture bathroom. To get free, you need to solve a succession of diabolical riddles.

The room’s design holds nothing back. You get the grime, blood, filthy toilet and slumped dead body that made the first Saw so indelible. (If it wasn’t already obvious, this isn’t one for squeamish types.)

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You’ll find Hacksaw at Rush Escape Game’s new venue in Hawthorn.

(Photo: Rush Escape Game / Supplied)

The company’s original location in South Yarra hosts several ‘next generation’ escape rooms. These include spins on James Bond, The Matrix and Jumanji (coined Cluemanji), plus fantastical concepts such as Heroes: End Game and The Last Knight Rises.

A Stranger Things-inspired room is also set to open at the Hawthorn venue by the end of February.

So if you like nights out filled with booby traps, murderous dolls, Demogorgons and ‘80s nostalgia, it’s a good time to be alive.

(Lead Image: Rush Escape Game / Supplied)

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