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Cater For All Your Friends’ Annoying AF Dietary Needs At This Sydney Restaurant

Cater For All Your Friends’ Annoying AF Dietary Needs At This Sydney Restaurant

It’s not always easy to find a degustation menu you can enjoy as a vegetarian, so when I find somewhere with an entire vegetarian, and even vegan menu, I am absolutely in.

Not surprisingly, Sydney‘s inner west suburb of Newtown is something of a haven for those of us who don’t eat meat. Rubyos and their “inspired modern fusion cuisine” is absolutely one of the places making it so.

When they say the cuisine is a fusion, they mean it, using herbs and spices from the Mediterranean, European, Indian, Asian, South American and North and South African. If I had to describe the main flavours I tasted though, I’d probably go with Indian and Mediterranean. They put a lot of care into the ingredients they choose, using only organic dairy products and sourcing locally grown fruits and vegetables.

They have four full menus: regular, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. So it’s a pretty good place to choose if you have a few dietary requirements in the group and don’t want anyone to be stuck eating salad. This menu choice also means you can enjoy a range of degustations to suit your needs too, which is bloody exciting, let me tell you.

My personal favourite dish was the panfried haloumi (pictured below), because frankly when is haloumi not the best thing on the menu? Theirs is served with watermelon, coriander and mint salsa, with chilli oil drizzled over the top for a little kick.

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As for the look of the place, it’s less ‘trendy’ and more ‘up market’ when it comes to decor, with rich reds and golds giving it a real tinge of old-world class. The service matches the decor, with very friendly and attentive waitstaff.

It’s might be on King Street, but it’s a little hidden right down the end closest to the city — in fact there’s a few places down here I totally forgot existed, so it’s well worth the extra few blocks.

(All Images: Provided / Rubyos)

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