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Pink Chocolate KitKats Have Arrived In Japan. Here’s Where To Get Them

Pink Chocolate KitKats Have Arrived In Japan. Here’s Where To Get Them

Ruby chocolate KitKat

Late in 2017, Swiss cocoa company Barry Callebaut unveiled a new variety of chocolate made from ruby cocoa bean. The appropriately named ruby chocolate is the first new variety of chocolate since white chocolate was created almost a century ago.

Described as “a tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness”, the interesting thing about ruby chocolate is that no berries, berry flavouring or food colouring is added during the production process.

Ruby chocolate

Now, given the nation’s love of KitKats, Nestlé has debuted a ruby chocolate version of the wafer chocolate bar at its Chocolatory stores in Japan and South Korea. The Sublime Ruby flavour will set you back $4.50 (¥400) in Japan, while they’re also available for purchase online in the USA, UK, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Including limited-edition and special holiday packages, there are over 300 varieties of KitKat available in Japan, including matcha, purple sweet potato and sake. In fact, they’re so popular that Nestlé is building its first new production facility in the country in more than 25 years to keep up with demand.

It’ll be the first company to utilise the “fourth type of chocolate – next to dark, milk and white” in commercial confectionary. Add it to your KitKat hit list, we say.

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(Images courtesy of Nestlé Japan)

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