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These Harry And Meghan Swimmers Are A Must-Buy For Your Euro Summer Vacay

These Harry And Meghan Swimmers Are A Must-Buy For Your Euro Summer Vacay

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Gearing up to jet off and escape the Aussie winter? Before you head, be sure to add an extra item to your shopping list because we’ve found the perfect swimsuit that’s sure to turn heads at the beach and kill your followers dead with Instagram envy.


Bags of Love has released commemorative Prince Harry and Meghan Markle one pieces just in time for the much anticipated royal wedding and nothing has ever been more perfect. “This gorgeous one-piece is flattering on any figure,” the site says — we couldn’t agree more.

Businesses are going absolutely mad trying to make a buck off the royal wedding, with everything from commemorative royal teacups, mugs, plates and even royal buckets of KFC chicken being sold.

But we reckon these swimmers take the cake. They’re cute, flattering and honestly, are the gift that keeps on giving. Wear them for years to come and give off a throwback Thursday vibe.

Not a fan of the royal couple? Firstly, how dare you. But also, Bags of Love allows you to make totally customisable swimsuits with pics of whatever you like. Queen Lizzy budgie smugglers, anyone?

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You can get your hands on these swimmers for $55 (£32) including shipping via the Bags of Love website.

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(Lead image: Bags of Love

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