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You Can Buy This Ancient European City For A Cool $11 Million

You Can Buy This Ancient European City For A Cool $11 Million

Have you just about had it with your housemates? Stop searching real-estate websites for a studio, we’ve got just the solution – your very own city! It even comes complete with cool stuff like ancient ruins and archaeological artefacts and offers complete isolation.

Interested? It’s all yours! Well yours for a cool $11 million (35 million Turkish liras).


The city in question is Bargylia, in modern day Bogazici, Turkey. It’s for sale in an effort to protect the ancient archaeological site from decay and treasure hunters. Yes, treasure hunters.

Ancient artefacts like the city’s theatre, acropolis (an ancient citadel), fortification walls, and necropolis (cemetery) make up a Grade 1 archaeological site, which dates back to first century BCE. According to Greek mythology, the city was founded in honour of Bargylos, who was killed when he was kicked by the winged horse Pegasus.

The city is about 82 hectares, and nobody’s lived there since 1927, and is becoming more and more irreparable by the day. “We hear the sounds of treasure hunters at night, but we cannot do anything out of fear,” a local told Hurriyet Daily News in Turkey.

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Due to the fact it’s a Grade 1 archaeological site, no construction is permitted, so if the new owner wants to build, they may seek to downgrade that status. But, a full-blown dig has never been performed in Bargylia, so who knows what treasures lie beneath?

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