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Robots Are Delivering Food On The Streets Of San Francisco Right Now

Robots Are Delivering Food On The Streets Of San Francisco Right Now

If the trends in San Francisco are anything to go by, humans on bikes will soon be replaced by robots on wheels. That’s right, autonomous robots filled with fries and burgers are teeming the city. We don’t know whether to be excited or scared.

Yelp and robot manufacturer, Marble, have come together in select areas of San Francisco to get food delivered to your door. This comes straight after Postmates and Doordash teamed up with Starship Technologies to announce that they were moving to do the same thing. The robot revolution is getting kicked off with food delivery, guys.

Cute! Photo: Marble

The large, moving vessels have been programmed to map out the streets of San Francisco’s Bay Area so they can deliver food to the correct location. The customer will be given a unique code that unlocks the vessel for the food to be released, and then the cute robot gets sent back to the starting point. Wave goodbye, robot!

Photo: Marble

There’s only a limited number of food delivery robots on the San Francisco streets right now, but both companies are looking to grow the offering. Marble has also engineered the technology behind self-driving cars and drones, so you know they mean big business.

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As long as we get our food, we don’t mind how it comes.

(Lead image: Marble)

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