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Read These Hilarious Google Reviews Of Entire Continents

Read These Hilarious Google Reviews Of Entire Continents

Google Maps is an essential resource for most modern travellers. Not only does it tell us how to get to places,  but it helps us to decide what places we’d like to go.

One of Google Maps’ most helpful features is the ability to submit and read reviews of the places we’ve been to. There’s so much to see in this big, bright, beautiful world, it’s really great to get a recommendation to narrow down our planning.


Not only can we review restaurants and entertainment venues, but Google Maps also lets users review entire continents. Just in case you were thinking of doing the whole thing in one go.

The folks over at Conde Nast Traveler have sifted through the thousands of continent reviews to pick out the most helpful ones, and boy are they… something.


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Apparently, there are lots of strange smells in Europe that put these reviewers off:

“It was too far away from where I live and the people there didn’t speak English. Well they did but not all the time. Also the food was good but there weren’t any hot dogs. Only go if you’re prepared to spend a lot of money and smell like smoke.” — Jacob K (4 stars)

“Cradle of modern civilisation, lose yourself in a whirl of rhapsody and romance. Loses a star as the man at the car hire was rude, and the cheese smelly.” — Jeremy W (4 stars)

North America


With an unoriginal name and distinctly non-English sports, North America has a lot to answer for:

“North America, Central America, South America, the United States of America…surely given this level of creativity it can’t be a very interesting place to visit? Stay far away.” — Jon T (1 star)

“A great Continent that would merit five stars if only the inhabitants played cricket.” – David C (1 star)

South America


People who visited South America had a bit of trouble expressing their experience:

“The ocean is cold.” – Elli S (1 star)

“Green anaconda.” – Cydnee R (1 star)



The Oceanic region copped a bit of, ahem, heat for the hot weather:

“Bit hot, full of things that are trying to kill you. Wouldn’t recommend.” — Richard L (1 star)

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Abel Tasman, New Zealand

“Quite bitey.” — Scarlett S (1 star)



Turns out, an African holiday is perfect if — and only if — you like one particular animal:

“I tried Africa once. Lots of lions, very romantic. Great if you’re a lion person. I am not.” — Josie M (4 stars)

“I travelled there once, wonderful location if you’re a lion person.” — Amama A (5 stars)



Asia is both lit and spicy:

“It was pretty neat but way bigger than I expected. I didn’t have time to see it all in my stop-over flight. Also a bit too spicy, but not bad.” — Sean Q (3 stars)

“So stoked to go Asia, sounds pretty lit.” — Quinn B (4 stars)

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