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Qantas Just Launched A One-Off Scenic Flight Taking You Up Close To The Next Supermoon

Qantas Just Launched A One-Off Scenic Flight Taking You Up Close To The Next Supermoon

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Qantas is offering a Supermoon Scenic Flight later this month, promising prime viewing of a double-up of rare lunar events: the last supermoon of 2021, which also happens to be a full lunar eclipse.

If you’re reading this, you probably trotted out to the backyard to cop a glimpse of last month’s pink supermoon and thought to yourself, ‘imagine seeing that from the sky‘. Well, now you can.

Qantas has launched a new Supermoon Scenic Flight complete with ‘cosmic cocktails’ and ‘supermoon cakes’ onboard a B787 Dreamliner night flight to view the rare supermoon phenomenon as well as a total lunar eclipse.

What makes this moon so special?

Moons are dubbed supermoons when it reaches the closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit, making it appear fuller and brighter. But adding a full lunar eclipse to the mix will make this moon an absolute doozy.

The eclipse happens when Earth is positioned between the sun and the moon, covering the latter with its shadow and giving it a reddish hue. A huge, red moon. From the sky. With no trees, buildings or clouds in the way.


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When are tickets on sale?

The supermoon scenic flight experience is on sale today, May 12 from midday.

Set for takeoff on May 26 from Sydney, this scenic three-hour moon experience is a one-off flight for the Australian airline. And Qantas is making it quite the event.

What’s included?

You’ll arrive at the Qantas Business lounge from 5.30pm for a pre-flight cocktail party including surprise entertainment. Then you’ll take off on your Supermoon Scenic Flight at 7.30pm, taking in Sydney’s stunning harbour before climbing above any cloud cover east over the Pacific Ocean, all while sipping on specially-designed ‘cosmic cocktails’ and munching on those ‘supermoon cakes’.

The B787 Dreamliner aircraft features the biggest windows on any passenger aircraft, so you can take in mother nature’s night lights at 40,000 feet, followed by a viewing of the rising of the supermoon and full lunar eclipse.

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A huge bonus is that you’ll have CSIRO astronomer Dr Vanessa Moss onboard. She’s working with the pilots to design the optimal flight path, but will also be providing insights into supermoons and commentary on all things space and astronomy.

To top it all off, passengers will get gift bags and a commemorative certificate. Cute, you guys.

The total lunar eclipse is set to occur as the moon begins tracking away from Earth, roughly between 9:11pm and 9:25pm. The flight then returns to Sydney for a 10:15pm landing.

If you’re keen, you’ll want to set your alarm for midday today. Qantas spokespeople have said that they’ve been “absolutely overwhelmed” by the popularity of their scenic flights.

Fares start at $499 for an economy seat. For more information and to book the Qantas supermoon scenic flight, click here.

(Lead image: Thomas Lipke / Unsplash)  

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