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Qantas Sent A Box Of Gaynettos To A Hankering Aussie In New York

Qantas Sent A Box Of Gaynettos To A Hankering Aussie In New York

In what can only be described as a true blue Aussie miracle, Qantas organised for a box of the highly anticipated new ice-cream The Gaynetto – yes, it’s a cross between a Golden Gaytime and a Cornetto – to be sent to a yearning Australian living in New York.

Despite living in the Big Apple, Australian Adam Moussa craves a different kind of sweetness. So when he heard that Streets were releasing The Gaynetto, he made sure to promptly tweet Qantas asking the airline to “please take him home immediately”, so he could taste the amalgamated goodness.

Qantas took Adam’s plea for the Aussie classic very seriously, and quickly collaborated with Streets to send a box of Gaynettos all the way across the world, because, as the airline put it “missing out on Gaynettos is never OK – not even if you live in New York…”

For our pleasure, Adam  and Qantas documented the whole exchange, in what we’re calling “Gaynetto Gate 2016”.


Cue a cross-continental freak out. Qantas, Streets, and a huge number of fellow Aussie expats were quite literally, screaming for ice-cream.


Qantas were kind enough to track the package’s journey, with Ben – and the rest of the world – keenly checking the flight status.

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Naturally, the Gaynettos flew first class.

Watch the whole journey – as shared through the Qantas Snapchat – below.

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