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Qantas Shares New Safety Measures For Passengers Once Domestic Travel Is A Thing Again

Qantas Shares New Safety Measures For Passengers Once Domestic Travel Is A Thing Again

With ScoMo announcing last Friday that he had high hopes for domestic travel to open up by July, a lot of us would be wondering what that travel will look like (also exactly when the hell we can start booking because dear GOD we’re dying to travel again). Today, Qantas has an answer with its new ‘Fly Well’ program.

Yes, it is all about hygiene and keeping your distance.

Before your flight with Qantas or Jetstar, you’ll be sent all the info on the Fly Well program, so you can prepare. Contactless check-in will be the main go, including self-serve bag drops.


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Once inside the airport, you can expect hygiene partition screens wherever possible, as well as hand sanitising stations at all gates and a bunch of other places. Lounges will obviously be socially distanced, much like restaurants are now being asked to do.

The boarding process will be done in smaller groups to avoid crowding, and all passengers will be given a mask and asked to wear it. Passengers will also be given a sanitising wipe for all surfaces they’ll sit on — yes, this is as well as enhanced cleaning of each aircraft to meet coronavirus standards.

“We’re relying on the co-operation of passengers to help make these changes work for everyone’s benefit, and we thank them in advance for that,” Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said in a statement.

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“We’ll continue to work with government and monitor the rollout of these measures closely, which are designed  with safety in mind and help people feel comfortable given the new norms that have emerged in response to the Coronavirus crisis”.

So basically, it’ll be a lot cleaner and probably with a lot less mingling. Sorry if you love a good chat with your plane neighbour. Personally, I love being the most anti-social person on flights so it’s actually kind of the excuse I needed to keep to myself.

Of course, no actual concrete flight dates have been given yet — how could they until the Government gives the thumbs up — but once all systems are go, these are the changes you can expect.

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