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Qantas Has Relaxed Its Rules For Carry-On Baggage Weight

Qantas Has Relaxed Its Rules For Carry-On Baggage Weight

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We’ve all been in the queue to board an aircraft, waiting to see if the gear we want to take on the plane with us will be weighed by flight crew. Should we have checked it? Will it be a few grams over the 7kg limit, forcing us to embarrassingly open our bags in front our fellow passengers (who roll their eyes and sigh) to shuffle things around? Should you wear that third jacket till you get on the plane just in case? Well you can relax a little on your next flight, because the Qantas carry-on baggage rules have been changed.


You might have heard that all Australian airlines are cracking down on domestic carry-on baggage, actually weighing what passengers lug with them. This is true – on Qantas flights until recently, passengers could take two items of up to 7kg to a collective maximum weight of 14kg and another personal item.

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That’s now changed. Qantas has listened to the feedback offered by passengers. The rules now state that, for domestic flights, one bag may be up to 10kg, which is much more flexible for those travellers wanting to do a domestic carry-on-baggage-only trip.

The maximum overall weight remains at 14kg, but the fact that the Qantas carry-on rules allow for a bit more flexibility in packing is a big relief.


The change comes after Qantas listened to customer feedback, and its findings that 90 percent of passengers carry under 10kg of domestic carry-on baggage with them in total.

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Qantas carry-on rules will still mean flight crews will be checking baggage weight, with any bag over the 10kg limit needing to be checked. So rest easy, travellers heading around Australia with Qantas. The Qantas carry-on baggage rules are now a lot more flexible.

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