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Qantas’ Behind-The-Scenes TV Series Is Back For A Second Season

Qantas’ Behind-The-Scenes TV Series Is Back For A Second Season

Our friends at Qantas are excited to announce that the docu-series detailing the ins and outs of what goes into a Qantas flight is back for another year. From what happens to your luggage once it’s checked in at the airport to how A-listers fly in the pointy end, everything will be revealed in season two of Ready For Take-Off.

The series goes behind the scenes of our iconic Aussie airline to give the public the inside scoop into what makes Qantas work. Last year’s eight-part series was met with acclaim from viewers who relished in checking out the behind-the-scenes action from the airline.


The second season of the series will see cameras go where they’re never gone before, delving deeper than ever into the nerve centre of Qantas’ global operation. The show follows everyone, from the ground crew who check and prepare the planes before take-off, all the way to the pilots and air crew who look after passengers in the sky. Told through the eyes of the cabin crew, engineers, caterers, trainers, ground staff and customer service managers that are able to get 50 million people safely to their destination year in, year out, Ready For Take-off gives viewer’s front-row seats to all of the aviation action.

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Watch the preview for season two below:

Season 2 of Ready For Take-Off starts Friday October 7 at 7:30pm on Channel 9. 

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