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Qantas Are Hosting The World’s First TEDx Talks In The Sky Today

Qantas Are Hosting The World’s First TEDx Talks In The Sky Today

Passengers travelling on Qantas flight 73 from Sydney to San Francisco this afternoon will be able to take part in some in-flight entertainment of a different kind – they’ll be experiencing the world’s first tech talk in the sky.


In partnership with TEDx Sydney, Qantas is bringing four of Australia’s best technology and science innovators on board to share their vision for the future of tech in an event called ‘Ideas That Travel’. The talks will be taking place in the nose of Qantas’ B747 and be live-streamed to passengers via the in-flight entertainment system.

A group of ten Aussie tech entrepreneurs and start-ups were individually chosen to take part in this momentous event, each getting to share their ideas 30,000 feet in the air. Speakers include representatives from start-ups like entrepreneurial movement Rare Birds, experimental physics company the Quantum Control Laboratory, as well as representatives from 2MAR Robotics and Enlitic.


And the flight choice was no coincidence either – San Francisco is the perfect destination for this innovative occasion. Qantas Group Executive Brand, Marketing, and Corporate Affairs Olivia Wirth spoke of Silicon Valley’s influence in the world of tech, as well as Qantas’ commitment to innovation. “Ninety-five years ago, Qantas was a start-up itself,” she said, “and a large part of our success comes from the fact we have kept trying new ideas. So, we’re delighted to be able to give these emerging thinkers a unique platform to tell their stories.”

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Didn’t snag a spot on today’s flight? Don’t worry, the talks will be available online following QF73’s arrival in San Francisco and then later screened during TEDxSydney on May 25.

Check out Qantas flights to San Francisco here – you never know what might pop up your flight over.

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