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This Hotel Is Offering “Puppy Therapy” To Its Guests And We’re On Our Way

This Hotel Is Offering “Puppy Therapy” To Its Guests And We’re On Our Way

puppy therapy at Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel in Bali

If you have a dog, you probably hate leaving them at home, even if you’re going on a lush holiday. If you don’t have a dog, you probably take any opportunity to pat one wherever you go. A hotel in Bali is catering to both sides by offering free “puppy therapy” sessions to guests. We are on our damn way.

Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel in Ubud has partnered with Bali Dog Association, a local dog rescue charity, to bring very good puppers to the hotel to play with guests twice a week.


The dogs are brought in to an enclosed play area by the hotel’s pool, where guests can sit and play with them for two hours. It’s a total puppy pile on.


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The puppy therapy sessions are part of the Bali Dog Association’s work to end the suffering of street dogs on the island. The charity has a five-step program to help these dogs: they rescue, desex, rehabilitate and re-home street dogs and provide medical care along the way.

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The doggos get showered with unconditional love and learn some social skills at the sessions, and humans get the absolute blessing of spending time with cute dogs (which has been proven to lower stress levels, even better).

If you’re not heading to Bali any time soon, there are plenty of other doggo activities going on around the world. You can take you dog on a winery tour in Victoriahike in Sydney or take them to the cinema in Texas. A golden retriever named Max is even the mayor of a town in California and yes, you can schedule a meeting with him.

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(Lead image: Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel / Facebook)

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