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Give Your Instagram A Glow-Up With The Most Popular Colours From Travel Photographers

Give Your Instagram A Glow-Up With The Most Popular Colours From Travel Photographers

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If you don’t post at least five gorgeous pics to Instagram, did you even go on holiday? Anyone who (correctly) answered “no” will be pleased to hear that the city of Carlsbad, California has done a study to find the most popular travel colours among travel photographers.

The 2019 Colors of Travel Study was conducted by Visit Carlsbad, in partnership with the Pantone Color Institute and influencer marketing platform Fohr, to identify the most popular travel colours on Instagram, and the colour psychology that informs these themes. The results have been announced, so prepare to start raking in those love hearts.


The study revealed this year’s trending colours for travel photography as: Pantone 16-1522 Rose Dawn, a dusty pink; Pantone 15-4323 Ethereal Blue, a light, sky-blue shade; Pantone 19-4535 Ocean Depths, a dark shade of blue reminiscent of the colour of the sea; and Pantone 16-0948 Harvest Gold, a warm gold that would be at home in a sunset.


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The study analysed the most popular Instagram posts of 75 US-based influencers with 50,000 followers or greater and discovered that people were most engaged with photos that used these colour schemes.


The 2019 palette reflects grounded, earthy and calming hues, compared to the results of last year’s study, which were similar colours but in much more vibrant shades.

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But like last year’s study, Visit Carlsbad has once again put together promotions at the town’s various hotels, restaurants, bars, spas and adventure outlets to show off how the colours can be found in the beachside destination.

So next time you’re on holiday (or snapping some shots at home), find a background with some of these popular travel colours – science says that it’ll go off.

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(Lead image: Visit Carlsbad)

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