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This Melbourne Pub Is Serving $5 Parmas For Dogs So You Can Do Dinner With Your BFF

This Melbourne Pub Is Serving $5 Parmas For Dogs So You Can Do Dinner With Your BFF

Newmarket Hotel In Melbourne Is Serving A $5 Puppy Parma For Dogs

Update (January 30, 2020): This Valentine’s Day (that’s Friday February 14), the Newmarket Hotel is doubling down on dog-friendliness. The pub’s ‘Pal-entine’s Day’ event includes $20 spritz jugs, free dog treats and the stalwart Puppy Parmas for just $5. Bookings are recommended, so head here for details.

Dogs deserve the world, and our greatest accomplishment as human beings is the ability to hand it to them on a silver platter. Which is exactly what you can do at the Newmarket Hotel in Melbourne, who make a $5 Puppy Parma for dogs.

$5 parma. For dogs. Heckin’ good deal.


The Puppy Parma special is available every Tuesday. It’s a mini chicken schnitty topped with shaved ham and cheese, with “chips and salad” (really dog biscuits and kibble) on the side.

You won’t find any Napoli sauce on the Puppy Parma (all the onion isn’t good for your furry friend). The other ingredients should be safe for dogs to eat, but if you’re worried about your pupper’s stomach, just check with your vet before you head out for a fancy dinner for two.


You’ll be well fed too, with human parmas going for $15 on Tuesdays (compared to the usual $21 for a small serving and $27 for a large). Yours will be a chicken parma with beer-battered chips and a house salad on the side.

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No longer will dogs have to miss out on the magic that is a pub feed, and no longer will you have to leave your dog at home when you go out for a schnitty. As Thanos would say: “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”

This isn’t the only dog news we’re obsessed with at the moment. There’s a Shiba Inu in Japan named Ken-kun who runs a sweet potato store, who we simply must stan. And now you can go paddle boarding with Mr Beaches the corgi thanks to the new Airbnb Animal Experiences.

(Images: Newmarket Hotel / supplied)

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