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This Genius Japanese Stationery Lets You Send Souvenirs Home

This Genius Japanese Stationery Lets You Send Souvenirs Home

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your postcards to home a little more personal, you’ll love Tokyo-based illustrator Haruke Shinji’s stellar stationery creation.

Preserve Your Travel allows travellers to save and send tiny samples of where you’ve been via the post. Each card features a transparent specimen window, which is sealed by two sheets of plastic, savouring whatever it is you’d like to post to your pals in a beautifully designed display.

Some senders opt for posting mementos, like tiny trinkets like stamps and tickets. It’s certainly a unique way to show off the places you’ve been.

Although Shinji’s background is in illustration, she took a punt in design – creating a prototype for the now widely popular product — and it paid off. The paper creation is now produced by Fukunaga Print, a Tokyo-based paper company, and is a whimsical way to send personalised gifts to home.

You can purchase yours here, for just $8 (¥699).

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(All Images: Haruke Shinji)

An earlier version of this post suggested sending plant material via post. This suggestion has been removed out of consideration for Australian customs restrictions.

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