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This Tour Honours 60 Years Of Women Trekking In The Outback

This Tour Honours 60 Years Of Women Trekking In The Outback


Sixty years ago, a group of ambitious explorers set out to conquer the Aussie Outback on a 460km trip from Alice Springs to Uluru. Now, in honour of the all-female cohort, SEIT tours will recreate the journey on a reincarnation of the Petticoat Safari Tour, and you can tag along for the ride.

The original scrubland safari was sponsored by Women’s Day, and recruited some of Australia’s most adventurous ladies to tackle the mammoth trek. It was one of the first all-female excursions in the area.

And, just like now, they needed to pack the essentials. Only, in those days, the essentials looked a little different. Here’s what they took along with them:

Courtesy of SEIT

The 2017 tour will begin in Alice springs, where original participant Edna Bradley will share her memories from the tour, which she embarked on when she was just 20 years old. Then, the group will set off towards Uluru, stopping to take in rich Indigenous culture and stunning scenery along the way.

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If you’re keen to continue the legacy of these legendary ladies, you can secure a spot on the tour for $1780 per person, including accommodation, camping gear, all meals and transport. The journey gets underway on October 20, 2017, and is expected to take about three days.

For bookings or more information, visit the website.

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