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Three Penguins Ran Wild In An Aquarium That Closed Because Of Coronavirus

Three Penguins Ran Wild In An Aquarium That Closed Because Of Coronavirus

Penguins Ran Wild In Shedd Aquarium After It Closed Due To Coronavirus

If there’s one good thing to come out of humans self-isolating, it’s that penguins got free rein of Shedd Aquarium after it was closed because of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Three penguins, Annie, Edward and Wellington, were let out of their enclosures at the Chicago aquarium, and took the opportunity to explore their home turf with no humans around (except their handlers).

The aquarium closed earlier this month, after the city banned mass public gatherings. But temporary closure hasn’t stopped it from delivering doses of unbearable cuteness, with the aquarium sharing a series of videos today showing the intrepid penguins on an adventure.

Here we see Wellington the rockhopper penguin investigating some fish. And behold: Annie and Edward waddling around the aquarium’s rotunda together:

Annie and Edward are a bonded pair of rockhopper penguins. People were quick to point out that their adventure counts as a date, which is great news for anyone who just cancelled a Tinder date to stay home.

Here are the best reactions to the penguins in Shedd Aquarium:

Do you feel like watching cute penguins is the only thing keeping you sane during your self-isolation? The good news is that Shedd Aquarium is planning to share more videos like this in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out on their Twitter and Facebook to see when more quality penguin content drops.

(Lead image: Shedd Aquarium / Twitter)

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