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Pay For Your Stay At This Hotel By Binge-Watching Your Fave Shows

Pay For Your Stay At This Hotel By Binge-Watching Your Fave Shows

Do you ever get roasted by your friends for being too slow to finish a TV series? Well, London’s got a new solution to keep you up to date in a seriously fun way.

Located in Osterley Park, a new Netflix pop-up, Bed ‘n’ Binge, gives guests permission to binge their favourite shows to their hearts’ content. In fact, it’s so strongly encouraged that your binge efforts pay for your stay.

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It works like this: guests are handed phones to watch the shows on at check-in. There’ll be hands-free phone docks by the bed and also the toilet, in case you can’t hit pause to pee.

Better yet, all hotel rooms are decorated in a theme from a popular Netflix show. For example, the Glow room is covered with spectacular ’80s wrestling photos, Orange Is The New Black is set up like a prison cell, and the Stranger Things room is adorned with the iconic light-up Ouija board. You can even order gourmet food and drink inspired by the shows to your room.

If you’re not so interested in watching television, don’t stress. You can head to a dedicated Wimbledon-viewing tent for the tennis, or dance around to some music from streaming platform Deezer. All mediums are pretty much covered.

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The hotel has your choice of one-night stays or, if you only need a short binge-break, you can book it out for a few hours at a time. But Bed ‘n’ Binge is only running until July 10, so get your tickets quick!

But the beauty is that this is a hotel experience you can recreate at home — we’re not going to judge you for it.

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