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9 Overseas Destinations That Are Less Than A 10-Hour Flight

9 Overseas Destinations That Are Less Than A 10-Hour Flight

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If you’re sitting in the office currently daydreaming about a little winter escape then, well, you’re only human.

Dreary work days are made for fantasising about where you could be right now, and there’s no better time than the present to start planning such things.

If you’re someone who doesn’t get the luxury of gallivanting around overseas for four-week stints because of work or family obligations, sometimes knowing where to start when planning a smaller getaway can be difficult. Do you state-hop within Australia? Even though international travel is back?! But who has the time to spend over 12 hours travelling?

Well, we’ve got you covered: you can have the holiday and the overseas experience in a matter of mere hours, regardless of whether you’re single, coupled-up, travelling with kids, or going on a friends’ vacay.

We’ve rounded up the most magical overseas destinations that are less than a 10-hour flight away.

Yep, tell your boss instead of going to work, you’re going to use that time to duck off overseas instead.

New Zealand

Sure, hopping across the Tasman sea is an obvious choice for Aussies, but it never gets old.

Less than four hours from Sydney, this quick overseas getaway has a lot to offer. From winter escapes to Queenstown to the quirks of Dunedin, it’s a great destination for family or solo trips.


Bula! Another gorgeous location less than four hours from Sydney, Fiji is perfect to unwind and relax from the everyday stresses of life.

From family holidays to romantic escapes, it’s the perfect destination for swimming in crystal-blue waters, visiting traditional villages, and mingling with the friendly locals.


Just 3.5 hours from Sydney, you’ll make all your mates jealous with your Instagram stories of this little slice of paradise. Visit Blue Lagoon and Champagne beach to capture the epic beauty of Vanuatu and if you’re feeling adventurous scuba diving the coral reefs is an experience like no other.


If you’re looking to escape a little further from Australia, Singapore is calling your name. Less than 8.5 hours from Sydney, Singapore has a reputation for amazing food, and the best shopping, hotels, and cultural diversity. Known as one of the cleanest and safest places in the world, it’s perfect for a solo vacay if you’re looking for a complete reset.

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New Caledonia

For the Maldives experience right at our back door, New Caledonia is a must-visit for all Aussies desperate for a beach escape. Less than three hours from Sydney, just one look at the crystal clear water will relax you. The famous Isle of Pines, known as the ‘Jewel of the Pacific is a must-see, though be warned: Aussie beaches may not seem the same after this experience.


If you get on a direct flight from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City, then a visit to Vietnam is just under a nine hour flight. A culture lover’s dream, Vietnam boasts incredible street food, cheap cocktails, expansive rice fields, and world heritage beauty Hạ Long Bay. There’s so much to do in this stunning country, and it’s perfect for the adventurous Aussie.


Just under 10 hours from Sydney, Hawaii is the perfect holiday destination for a mix of adventure and relaxation. Sipping mai tai’s by the beach, experiencing traditional Lūʻau’s, hiking volcanoes, and going shopping – it’s a one-stop destination.


Bali is an obvious one (and if you’re keen to get there and escape the dreary weather hitting Australia’s east coast, check out a deal right here). Aussies love Bali and you can get there in just over 6 hours from Sydney. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a surf trip, or somewhere to take the kids, Bali has it all.


From the bustling city of Tokyo to the stunning cherry blossom season and the winter wonderland in Hokkaido, Japan has so much to offer Aussie travellers who are looking for a unique cultural experience.

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