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NYC’s Melted Cheese Restaurant Should Be High On Your List

NYC’s Melted Cheese Restaurant Should Be High On Your List

Cheese, am I right? It’s so great that we’re actually all for planning a few trips around it. Cheese is bloody brilliant. New York City’s Raclette agrees, and they’ve opened a restaurant that specialises in the best kind of cheese – the melted kind.

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Taking its name from the delicious Swiss cheese, Raclette is located on Avenue A in Manhattan’s East Village. Impressively, this hole-in-the-wall eatery has been ranked by The Village Voice as their best restaurant in the East Village, and even scored a glowing review from the Wall Street Journal; not bad for a restaurant that’s absolutely tiny.

Seating just eight patrons, this NYC eatery has ambitiously decided to focus on solely melted cheese and this kind of specialisation works in their favour. Even though they do only one thing – they do it bloody well.  

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Raclette’s menu is split into three parts: croques, raclettes and tartines. Croques are “expertly prepared” grilled cheese toasties and the tartines are “delicately layered” open faced sandwiches, but the pièce de résistance is definitely the raclette.

Raclette actually refers to both the type of Alpine cheese used, and also to the method by which the cheese is warmed and scraped onto your meal, which includes spiced oven-roasted potatoes, cornichon pickles, cured meats and classic French style baguette. It’s the cheese dish to end all cheese dishes.

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Oh, wow. If you’ve got a spare second, head over to Raclette’s Instagram for a bunch of other cheese scraping videos – it’s mesmerising.

(Lead image: left; stuffbeneats/Instagram, right; forkedupfoodie/Instagram)

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