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These Are The 10 Most Popular Destinations For Australians

These Are The 10 Most Popular Destinations For Australians

Did you visit Middle Earth last year? Did you eat fish’n’chups and drink Double Browns from a chilly bin? Did you go tramping in your jandals around the Sound? Well, if you did, it turns out you’re not alone.

New research from Roy Morgan has revealed the top overseas places for holiday-hungry Australians, and our beautiful, friendly neighbour to the east took out the top spot – it is the world’s favourite country, after all.

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New Zealand was the “choice” destination for 11.7% of Australians who travelled overseas in 2015, putting it ahead of England in second place (10.4%) and the US (10.1%). Rounding out the top ten were some nearby Asian countries like Indonesia – mainly Bali – Singapore and Malaysia, as well as a whole host of European countries. Check out the top ten places we love to visit below:

#1 New Zealand (11.7%)
#2 England (10.4%)
#3 United States (10.1%)
#4 Indonesia (8.1%)
#5 France (6.7%)
#6 Singapore (6.5%)
#7 Thailand (5.8%)
#8 Germany (5.7%)
#9 Italy (5.5%)
#10 Malaysia (5.3%)

Drilling further down into the report, the research also reveals the top five destinations for Gen Y travellers – those born between the years of 1976 and 1990. In order, there’s: New Zealand (11.5%), United States (10.3%), India (7.5%), Thailand (also 7.5%) and Malaysia (6.9%).

For Gen Z travellers – born between 1991 and 2005  – the trending spots are, in order, the US (10.7%), France (10.6%), Germany (10%), England (9.8%) and Malaysia (8.8%). Gen Z’s travel patterns are more aligned with baby Boomers, presumably due to younger travellers taking holidays with their parents.

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So depending on whether you want to join the Aussie masses or escape them on your next holiday, you can now plan accordingly. You’re welcome.

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