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Norway Is Home To The World’s Largest Public Sauna

Norway Is Home To The World’s Largest Public Sauna

If Scandinavia isn’t on your bucket list yet, this might just convince you otherwise.

Located in the frosty Arctic Circle, on a remote beach on Sandhornøya, is the world’s largest public sauna. It’s a picturesque spot where lucky locals and weary travellers can relax, sweat and expel some toxins while overlooking the beautiful Arctic Sea.


Found on a small island just outside the town of Bodø, the sauna can house more than 100 people. The pyramid shaped room offers amphitheater style seating for its guests, with access to an adjoining bar for light refreshments (necessary when temperatures are set at around 70ºC).

The sauna is soundtracked by acclaimed Norwegian artist Biosphere, who was commissioned to create a specialised ambient soundtrack for the space.


The sauna is actually part of a unique cultural project called SALT, which is part music festival, part portable art project and part sculpture park, complete with uniquely designed buildings inspired by traditional Norwegian fiskehjeller, or fish racks.

The site houses a performance auditorium, a gallery structure, and a group of small lodges for guests to rent out. Over the past year SALT has hosted a year-long arts and music festival, with a program featuring talks, performances and exhibitions that are artistically linked to the landscape and surroundings.


SALT’s portable structures will stay in Sandhornøya until autumn of this year. Over the coming years, the SALT project will travel across the northernmost parts of the planet, making a home in locations like Alaska, Ireland, Scotland, Greenland, Iceland and Russia.

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This is something you just need to experience.

(Images: SALT)

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