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Nobody Panic But A ‘Star Wars’ Theme Park Is Coming To Disney

Nobody Panic But A ‘Star Wars’ Theme Park Is Coming To Disney

Dust off those Jedi robes because Disney have unveiled plans for two huge Star Wars attractions to be added to their parks in California and Florida.


Soon you’ll be able to sit right at the helm of the Millenium Falcon and fly next to Chewie and Han Solo, or grab a drink at a Mos Eisley-style cantina bar in each of the 14-acre immersive lands.

Disney CEO Bob Iger says they are “creating a jaw-dropping new world that represents our largest single-themed land expansion ever.”



The parks will be staffed by a number wild creatures from the world of Star Wars including droids and “fantastic roaming beasts” like Ewoks, Gungans and Tauntauns.

Iger added, “These new lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will transport guests to a whole new Star Wars planet, including an epic Star Wars adventure that puts you in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance.”


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The news comes following the $4 billion dollar buy-out of Lucasfilms to Disney a few years ago and as the seventh instalment of this giant franchise is set to be released this December, it seems inevitable that Disney would find a way to celebrate it. Star Wars Episode VII: A Force Awakens will see veterans Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill join new cast members in the revival of the famous franchise.

There’s no completion date on the parks just yet so you’ve got a bit of time before you have to don your Jedi robes and blast into a galaxy far, far away.

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